Anatomia chair

45 years old and still looking way ahead of the modern market, the Anatomia chair by Ahti Kotikoski is classic piece of Finnish design.
It was originally an entry in a competition, specifically the Chair -68. A jury including Arne Jacobsen and Robin Day picked the reinforced white plastic chair for its ’construction, comfort and figure’.
It’s now available again in the original plastic and different colours and if you want extra comfort, with a leather inner seating.

Oy Pro Feel Design Ab

As a child my admiration for my father’s “Anatomia” fibreglass chair made me dream of reviving production and marketing of his bold design. That idea grew steadily in my mind until….Pro Feel Design was established. The company focuses on top-of-the-line contemporary furniture models as well as design classics. Our products are available for sale to businesses as well as private individuals. We are looking for global co-operators! If interested please don't hesitate to contact us.